5 Inspirational Indian Travellers Tell Us Why They Travel

Compiled by Shivya Nath.

A young new generation of Indian travellers are taking on the country - and the world - unearthing one best-kept secret at a time. They walk, they climb, they row, they go on adventures. They sample the food, the culture, the music, and dig out stories in places that no guidebooks venture into. They travel, not just as a holiday, but as a way of life, as an extension of themselves. And they inspire. 

We went out and asked 5 inspirational Indian travellers, how, where and why they travel. And their answers will inspire your own wanderlust.



Prathap Nair, Indian travellers
On a birding trip, Prathap Nair.
"I like the heady mix of experiences my travels allow me - the unpredictability of the journeys, the strangers I meet and the friendships I make, the smattering of languages (or dialects) I pick up, the cuisines I explore and everything else. Travels let me contemplate, open my eyes to different realms of landscape and people, enrich my knowledge and learn and appreciate things that are otherwise inaccessible."
Mostly travels in: India
Interested in: Nature, local culture, cuisine and people
Funds travels through: Full-time job, freelance writing
Follow his travels on: His blog, The Sunlit Window  


Neelima Vallangi, Indian travellers
Adventure seeker, Neelima Vallangi.
"I can't put the feeling in words but I like how it makes me feel. I like the freedom and the adrenaline rush that comes from climbing a mountain or getting lost somewhere remote and knowing that I can get through these (mis)adventures. I guess one of the biggest change travel has brought in me is the realization that happiness isn't in acquiring things but in acquiring experiences."
Mostly travels in: India
Interested in: Offbeat and adventure travel
Funds travels through: Full-time job, freelance writing / photography
Follow her travels on: Her blog, The Wandering Soul's Wander Tales 


Dheeraj Sharma, Indian travellers
Taking on the Himalayas, Dheeraj Sharma.

"For me, travel is a reason to believe, learn, connect and feel alive. Down, out, alone and almost surrendered to the most difficult phase of my life, I suddenly thought of pursuing my passion of driving and traveling to give life another chance. I went out into the wild to find answers to many disturbing questions which haunted me. The answer lay in my transformation as a person; travelling has taught me to look at life beautifully, cherishing each moment without considering the days gone by or those that lie ahead. My travels have made me undergo a kind of metamorphosis, it's a journey I'm still on within."
Mostly travels in: The Himalayas
Interested in: Trekking, hiking, riding, driving
Funds travels through: Full-time job
Follow his travels on: His blog, Devil on Wheels 


Shikha tripathi, Indian travel writers
Going solo, Shikha Tripathi.
" I travel because it fulfills me like nothing else. It's an extension of who I am, and not simply a 'hobby'. Travelling and exploring, especially India, has instilled pride and patriotism in me like no anthem ever has. Across the world, meeting incredible people has instilled humility in me. More than anything, these very people are my inspiration to travel and seek more. I'm a sucker for natural beauty too. Mountains, lakes and forests inspire me to 'keep walking' and digging out more treasures."
Mostly travels in: Asia
Interested in: Offbeat and adventure travel
Funds travels through: Freelancing
Follow her travels on: Her blog, The Green Diary 


Abhinav chandel, Indian travellers
Seeking stories, Abhinav Chandel.
"I travel to find stories, experience different cultures, gain new perspectives. Plus, just for the love of exploring new lands, and setting foot on different routes. Travelling has helped me grow as a person, open up to strangers. It has helped me gain a sense of peace; I'm happier and more confident on the road.

Travelling has inspired me to observe lives closely and help them in any way I can. I've learnt to travel not just for myself, but for people around me, to share stories, with the ones back home but also the stories from back home with my new friends, thus trying to bring different cultures together, even in a minuscule manner. It has taught me the need to keep our environment clean, and think long term about the effects of my travelling on the region's natural beauty."
Mostly travels in: India
Interested in: Offbeat and cultural experiences
Funds travels through: Freelancing
Follow his travels on: Twitter @abhiandnow


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