Chapora Fort, Goa – The Dil Chahta Hai Fort

By Jugmendra B.

“Cinema in India is like brushing your teeth in the morning. You can't escape it.” This rather famous statement made by actor Shahrukh Khan is a testimony to how deeply indeed Bollywood infilterates the life of an average Indian. In keeping with this maxim, here is my review on the fort made famous by the 2001 Farhan Akhtar film Dil Chahta Hai – the Chapora fort in Goa!

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The Dil Chahta Hai Fort.

Located at a distance of roughly 10 km from Mapusa, the fort adds an old world charm to your beach experience. Though now in ruins, it was used as a border watch post by the Portugese in the seventeenth century. Not much remains of this massive structure except a few tombstones and bits of glorious red laterite stone. The secret passageways and tunnels within the fort only add to its mysterious aura.

Chapora fort, Goa Chapora, Goa forts, Goa photos
Vantage point at the Chapora Fort

Chapora continues to remain a perfect vantage point for gazing at the sea as the waves gently nudge the shore in silent harmony. A short, uphill walk leads to the walls of the fort, where the three friends from Dil Chahta Hai stood in companionable silence, whilst facing the countenance of the sea that stretches out in front of their eyes in its splendid expanse; an excellent setting for taking time off from the rest of the world and letting yourself get lost in the arms of nature and history. The worn-out walls of Chapora are adorned with weeds and face the coast, offering a superb view of the Anjuna beach and Vagator beach. Once done with exploring the place, one can also hike down to the cliffs and walk along the beach below.

Dil chahta hai Goa fort, Goa pictures, Goa Chapora, Goa forts, Chapora fort
The Chapora Fort, overlooking the sea.

Easily accessible by hiring local transport from Mapusa or Panaji, Chapora fort, which is also known as Shahpura, this historical site lulls you into a state of calm and relaxation. It would not be wrong to say that there perhaps exists some inexplicable magic in the air here at Chapora!

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