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Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões.

We invite you to share your inspirational travel stories with our readers.

At India Untravelled, we believe in travel as a lifestyle. We are advocates of solo travel. And we like being responsible travellers. And that's what we want our readers to aspire to. 


We are interested in guest contributions on the following subjects:

1) Inspiring travel stories. 
It could be about the reasons you choose to travel. Or someone extraordinary you've met on your journeys. Or an act of kindness on the road you'll never forget. Tell us a story that will inspire our readers to travel.

2) Solo journeys.
Are you the type of traveller who doesn't wait for company? You step out of your comfort zone and embrace the world. We want to hear your reasons, tips, experiences, and how solo travel has changed you.

3) Travel choices that can change the world.
Forget the jargon. How do you ensure that you're helping the local community and environment of places you're travelling to? Maybe you opt for public transport. Maybe you stay with locals. Maybe you've come across a really harmful tourism practice and have ideas on how others can avoid it. We want to hear, share and debate the little things in travel that make a big difference.

4) Travelogues.
And finally, we want to hear about your travel experiences across India. We want to hear how the locals live, the food you indulged in, the roads less travelled you dared to embark on, and the memories that'll forever linger in your mind. Don't tell us about fancy resorts or what time you woke up. Take us with you, show us the natural beauty with your lens, tell us your thoughts, make us travel.

We are particularly interested in stories from Uttarakhand, Kerala and Karnataka, but we are open to hearing all your ideas.


Send us your story ideas first.
Think about the topic you want to write about, and an outline of what you'll actually write. Send us an email at, indicating your topic in the email subject line. In the email, give us a short summary of your story idea and tell us by when you'll be able to submit it. If we don't reply within a week, feel free to give us another nudge!

Writing your story.
Please read the following guidelines before submitting your story:
  • Please keep your article short and crisp. 400-800 words.
  • Please submit pictures with your story - minimum 3, maximum 12. We need good quality pictures that tell a story. 
  • Please indicate where the pictures should go in the article, and give a caption for each picture.
  • Please send the pictures as email attachments, and the article as a word document.
  • Please include a short 2-3 line bio of yourself. Feel free to include links to your blog / twitter.


We don't offer monetary compensation for guest posts contributed to our blog. We do however, share each published story with our travel community on FacebookTwitter and Google+. We also highlight our regular contributors on our "Meet our writers" page (coming soon!). If you're a budding writer / blogger, you can flaunt your contribution in your writing portfolio. Did we mention that you get the chance to inspire people from all over the world to travel in India?

Go on, share your adventures!

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