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We think of travel, not as a break from life, but as life itself. To be on the road in search of new experiences is one of the best ways to discover who you are, know people who's world is much different from yours, come to respect the natural diversity our planet has to offer, and find the courage to do the things you love. As fellow travellers, we would hate for travel experiences to be constrained by lack of money, time, accurate information or encouragement, so at India Untravelled, we aspire to carve out travel experiences that are affordable, accessible, experiential and responsible, and we go all out to reach you in the comfort of your social networks to encourage you to travel.

India Untravelled helps you plan trips to homestays, farm stays and village stays, to offbeat locations in several states across north and south India. Each of our partner destinations are geared towards urban travellers, and are safe, accessible and comfortable, and offer experiences that are hard to fathom for the uninitiated! As we proudly say, 

Get off the tourist trail. Tear that guidebook. Shed your inhibitions. Let rural India charm you.

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