Delhi Untravelled: The Three Musketeers.

By Sandana Mullai.

It is rarely that you meet a group of three women of different generations, travelling together. Sandana travelled on India Untravelled's Untravel Delhi trail with her mother and daughter, and reports back on how the trip surprised her. Her experiences might surprise you too.

It would be a cliche if I said the Delhi trip was awesome! 

The Stay

Thanks a lot for introducing the home stay! Fantastic people with great hospitality. Sanjeev - Oh what a spirit he has! We did not have a single dull moment during our stay there! And, the Dadi ma is really an inspiration to us. Breakfast times with Dadima and aroma of aloo paratha are still rewinding in our memories.

Sandana's daughter on the Pottery Village visit in Delhi.

They really surprised us on my daughter's Birthday!! On that day, we were leaving for Agra early in the morning. And, by 5 o’ clock, Sanjeev knocked our room door and wished my daughter with cake. My daughter is super thrilled and me too.

There was a Birthday card signed by whole family. What a way to celebrate a birthday! I should say, my daughter is so lucky. Sanjeev was very helpful always; we have disturbed him at odd hours (like 11 PM) to clarify the route to the taxi driver.

The Pottery Tour

We are happy that we took this tour! We are cherishing the memories of roaming in the potters village. We feel that the time we spent was worthy and useful; what an insight we got. Since it was pre-Diwali season, we could smell the fresh diyas on making. It was such a delight to sight the hundreds of Diyas spread out.

A potter at work in the pottery village in Delhi
An artist at work.
Piyush is excellent and full of josh, taking us into potter's homes to look at their work. We roamed on the streets, stopped to look at the potter's houses: walls made up of pots and mud! We saw them making pots, diyas, pot lids etc and witnessed the raw mud being filtered, soaked and finally going into the potter's hands! Finally, we tried our hands too. Nice experience! 
Beautiful collection of pots made on the potter's wheel
In the backyard of a potter's house.
Our wishes to Piyush. Thanks for suggesting this tour to us. We still talk about Pottery tour to our friends here (who ask about our Delhi trip) and they are very eager to sign up when they travel to Delhi.

The Sunset Hike

Very adventurous and thrilling indeed. Since we got delayed, we could not do the hiking as it is usually done. In some areas I feel it is really risky - especially for senior citizens and kids. We could mingle with the locals and know the culture. As part of the package, they were generous to offer us dinner, which was yummy. One hour ride from the Metro station to the village was tiresome - in open share auto on bumpy road.
Pristine hidden lake cluster in the Aravallis near Delhi
First glimpse of the hidden lake cluster in the Aravallis

We are extremely happy after exploring Delhi through India Untravelled. Your tips and suggestions were very useful and saved a lot of time and money. As you suggested, we used Metro mostly which was fast and convenient, and saved us from pollution. We felt safe and peaceful at the homestay. 
This trip has changed my thinking on North India and I started looking into other destinations of IU. From the stay, exploring the monuments/city - everything went on so good and pleasant. Wishing you all success!


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