India on an Enfield: Her Story.

By Alyrene Rosser.

Travelling on a royal enfield through India to fundraise for UNICEF, Alyrene shares her adventures and reminds us of the little things we take for granted in our own country.

I love my job. It allows me to take supporters on awesome adventures while raising vital funds for the world's children. 

royal enfield, royal enfield India, biking India, women travel india
Royal Enfields sweeping through the Indian roads. © Iain Crockart

Unicef India, Unicef jobs,  women travel india, volunteer travel india, volunteering india
Me in India © Iain Crockart

In 2009, I was lucky enough to visit southern India on the back of a Royal Enfield bullet. What an incredible feeling, sweeping up mountain roads, through tea plantations and tiger reserves, eyes peeled to catch a glimpse of India’s wildlife.

royal enfield, royal enfield India, royal enfield women,
Royal Enfields © Iain Crockart

The whole trip was memorable, but one particular day stuck with me. We set out at sunrise for a long day's ride. As we swept down the mountain the mist cleared and I could feel the sun beating down and smell jasmine in the air as we drove.

women travel india, volunteer travel india, volunteering india
Southern India © Iain Crockart

We stopped for some chai (a refreshing, sweet tea) and met UNICEF health assistant, Ms Indrani. She was distributing polio drops to children in the area.

volunteer travel india, volunteering india
Ms Indrani shows us her map.

Back in 2009, India was one of four counties that hadn’t eradicated polio and its devastating effects. UNICEF works with India's government on a large-scale immunisation programme to wipe out polio and other childhood diseases.
Talking to Ms Indrani was utterly inspiring, and to see UNICEF’s work in action was just incredible.

Now, in 2012, we've had the news that India has reached a major milestone in the history of polio eradication – 12 months without a single new case! 
Our ride continued through mountains and busy towns, where we carefully negotiated traffic. I can still taste the lunch we enjoyed from a basic but delicious local restaurant. We watched women below washing their beautiful saris in a vast river before laying them on the rocks to dry, and boys playing games in the water, laughing and splashing, as we tucked into a delicious south Indian curry.
Unicef India, Unicef jobs, women travel india, volunteer travel india
Traffic in India.
India natural beauty
Discovering India © Iain Crockart
I'm going back to India this year with UNICEF UK Ambassador, Charley Boorman and another group of fundraisers for our Classic Indian AdventureIt runs from 30 November to 9 December. This time around you can choose between riding a classic Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike (or going on the back like I did in 2009), or driving (or being a passenger in) an Ambassador car.
ambassador india, Unicef India, Unicef jobs, volunteering india
Ambassador car © Iain Crockart
Whichever you go for, it'll be an amazing experience. Do you fancy coming along?
Author Bio: The author has travelled independently and for her work as a fundraiser for UNICEF UK. She spent time in East Africa during her voluntary placement in Uganda with VSO. Watch her blog & follow her on Twitter @AlyreneRosser for her next adventures - climbing Kilimanjaro and UNICEF’s Classic Indian Adventure. 
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