Long weekend travel ideas for the Easter break!

Live on a farm, learn a craft, take a do-nothing break - we explore the states of Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Punjab for quirky travel ideas on the coming long weekend in April. 

1. Learn pottery, ride a bullock cart & draw water from a stepped well  in the village of Pranpur in Madhya Pradesh.

2. Live in a hillside homestay & watch the clouds play hide & seek with the mighty Himalayas in the small valley of Shoghi near Shimla.

3. Eat food cooked on a chulha (or try cooking it yourself), use a bathroom with a view, play hop-scotch, stroll in the fields of jo (beer is made from this crop), watch sunrise from the fields, and watch birds lying on a charpy at Nirvana Organic Farm near Jaipur.

4. Read with a view and experience royalty in an 83-year-old British bungalow, in the small village cluster of Raison near Manali.

5. Take a dip in a tube-well, trek up to & inside a forest cave, and live in farm cottage at Prakriti Farms near Chandigarh in Punjab.

What are your plans for upcoming long weekend? What quirky travel ideas would you add here?

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