Holi long weekend 2012 - 4 offbeat celebration ideas.

Holi, the festival of colors is right around the corner, falling perfectly on a long weekend. Most of us have grown up being drenched in colors (among other things) on the day of Holi, so here are 5 ideas to do it differently this year:

1. Hola Mohalla, Punjab

While Holi is as zestfully played in Punjab as elsewhere in north India, the day after Holi is celebrated with mighty displays of mock battles with obsolete traditional weapons, often in processions accompanied by war drums. The Sikh tradition of Hola Mohalla, which means mock fight, was established by Guru Gobind Singh in Anandpur Sahib, to propagate the martial arts and other warlike sports.

Hola Mohalla, on the long weekend of Holi in Punjab. Photo by festivalsadvices.com.

Practical Information: 
  • Holi falls on March 8 this year, followed by Hola Mohalla on March 9, 2012. 
  • Stay at Prakriti Farms to club this experience with Punjabi country hospitality.

2. Tribal Purushwadi Community, Maharashtra

Located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, the Purushwadi people celebrate Holi to welcome spring with colors and pray for the fertility of their land. On the night of the festival, the village folk build a bonfire and throw chapattis into it, believing that the family will be blessed if the dough is burnt. When the flames die down, the ashes are rubbed over people's foreheads for good luck. 

Home to the Purushwadi Community in Maharashtra. Photo by Grassroutes.com

Practical Information: 

3. Himachali Holi, Himachal Pradesh

Holi celebrations are among the longest on the countryside of Himachal Pradesh, where processions start two weeks before the day of Holi. Himachali folk music, the indigenous dance form of Nati, and idol worshipping over the River Beas mark the celebrations, which finally culminate into a melange of color and festivities.
The Himachali melange of colors. Photo by ticklebear4u.com.

Practical Information: 
  • The processions pass through villages on the shores of the River Beas.
  • Stay at Ramgarh Heritage Villa in the village cluster of Raison, a quaint British bungalow which offers a vantage point about Beas. 

4. Basant Utsav, West Bengal

On the banks of the River Kansai in the Purulia district of West Bengal, Holi is celebrated carnival-style, with the congregation of local folk arts to accompany the color play. It's the best time of the year to hear Baul singers in their home land, and treat yourself to the riverside festivities. 

Jhumar Naach at the Basanta Utsav in West Bengal. Photo by banglanatak.com.

Practical Information: 
    • The Holi fair is held in the village of Deulghata, 5-6 hours from Kolkata.
    • Stay in a tent at the fair grounds to fully soak in the festive mood of Holi.

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