Why These 5 Women Travel Solo, and Advice for Your First Solo Trip.

Compiled by Sifti Dhillon.

When the world is waiting to be discovered, you don't have to wait for company. We speak to five women who have kicked their comfort zone and travelled solo in India; their challenges are honest, and their reasons, inspiring. If you're on the fence about going it alone, heed their advice and take the plunge!


First Solo Trip?
Kumaon, Uttarakhand.

Biggest challenge as a solo traveler?
The fear of the unknown.

Why do you travel solo?
I love exchanging stories. Whenever I am traveling alone, I make friends with locals and fellow travelers. It is the best way to learn about more exciting things that exist in the world. I also like exploring new places. On my trip to Kumaon, I discovered beautiful small villages on the hill, a temple with amusing folklore and communities working for the benefit of locals and farmers. Following my curiosity gives me immense joy.

Advice to first time solo travellers?
Do a thorough research about your destination, how to travel, where to stay, local culture etc. Keep numbers of your close family / friends and some trusted locals (this could be the owner or managers of your hotel / homestay) handy . Stay positive and believe in the goodness the world holds.

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First Solo Trip?

Biggest challenge as a solo traveler?
Finding a safe accommodation that also fits my budget. 

Why do you travel solo?
The thing I enjoy most about solo travel is the process of discovery. You get to learn so many things about the place, its culture and the people. You end up challenging a lot of your own preconceived notions. It also provides an opportunity for introspection. Solo travel leaves you feeling liberated and self-reliant. 
Advice to first time solo travellers?
Just decide that you have to go and you will find that there is a solution to all the apprehensions you may have about solo travel. Start small. Choose a place that is close by, or a place you are already somewhat familiar with. Do a thorough research about the place. Plan well but don't over-think it.


First Solo Trip?

Biggest challenge as a solo traveler?

Why do you travel solo?
I enjoy the freedom. Interactions with strangers. Coming to trust the world, for help is always there around the corner. 
Advice to first time Solo travellers?
Be very clear about the what and why of your trip. 


First Solo Trip?

Biggest challenge as a solo traveler?
The decision itself, to go solo.

Why do you travel solo?
I enjoy the independence. There is no hurry, no one to wait for and absolutely no restrictions on your time. The complete independence of a solo journey is enthralling.
Advice to first time Solo travellers?
Start short and safe. Pick a home stay, talk to your hosts about the travel. Choose a mode of transport that makes you feel comfortable. Don't try to skimp on the cost if it is your first trip. Feeling safe is of the utmost importance.

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First Solo Trip?
New Orleans, Louisiana.

Biggest challenge as a solo traveler?
There's no one there to witness it with me.

Why do you travel solo?
I like to walk slowly, wander around a new city, and enjoy getting lost. Traveling alone is the only time I get to be truly spontaneous. Combine that with the fact that as a solo traveler you're more approachable than at any other time, and amazing things happen. Once in Florence, an 80 year old man approached me while I shopped for postcards. He just started talking to me, and we spent the rest of the afternoon having coffee on the square. He told me his life story and shared some words of wisdom about writing, love and life. I gladly missed my train to Rome, and it was one of the most special connections I ever made. I know it wouldn't have happened if I'd been traveling with others.
Advice to first time Solo travellers?
Prepare for your trip by reading blogs of other travelers. Before I went to India, I read everything I could find, so I was prepared for things like being stared at....you aren't going to find that advice in any guide book!

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