Visit Ladakh - The Responsible Way!

By Sifti Dhillon

Ladakh is a one of the most sought after destination, not just within India but also internationally. Much has been talked about it in blogs, Travel stories, and magazines. Something or the other has been written about it by every travel blogger. So much has been talked, written and heard about it that it is on almost everyone’s bucket list. The region has a lot to offer to every kind of traveler. For the adventure seeker, the terrain is perfect for hikes, biking and river rafting in the Zanskar. For the history lover there are numerous Monasteries and Gompas speaking of an era gone by. And for the one who dwells in culture we have the local ladakhis. These mountains are their homes since many centuries. Generations of these people have been living here in these mountains knowing nothing about the world apart from their lives here.

                          Ladakh’s popularity among the travelers has been a bane as well as boon for the locals as well as the region. Its delicate ecology is being harmed every year with the season time rush of travelers. Cheap Guest houses have mushroomed all over Leh in order to provide economical stay options to the tourists without giving a thought to the environmental aftermaths of the same. Keeping in mind the need of travelling responsibly to the region, India Untravelled has partnered with GHE to provide travelers an opportunity to visit Ladakh not just in a responsible way but also to contribute directly to the local communities. Trips have been planned in such a way so that they are informative and indulging for the travelers and benefit the local community in some ways as well. 

A few of the trips are:

1.       Renovate Village house – Not only does this trip let you experience life in a ladakhi village, it provides one with the opportunity to make a difference to the life of a local family by assisting in renovating an old village home. One also gets the opportunity to visit the Moriri Lake and of course the world famous Khardung La - The highest motorable road in the world. Local sight seeing of Leh is included as well.


2.       Solar electrification of a house – Yurutse is a village in Ladakh with no electricity.Here, our partners GHE, who are championing the cause of solar electrification in remote Ladakhi villages will head a team of travelers which will bring solar light to a village home for the very first time. It takes a 4-5 hour trek to reach this village. Enjoy the celebration with the locals in the evening as they celebrate another home receiving electricity. Along with this visit the Pangong Lake.


3.       Learn the fading art of making Copper utensils – The copper artisans of Ladakh are gradually fading away due to the lack of buyers. Learn this fading art from the skilled artisans, buy a few souvenirs to take back home, thereby helping in reviving this lost art. Try your hand at archery and experience the adrenaline rush as you river raft on the Zanskar river. Also, get an insight on Buddhism on this trip as you attend a chanting session at a monastery.


Though everyone who visits Ladakh is sure to be in awe of its beauty, the ones travelling
responsibly and giving back to the local community are definitely leaving it a shade
prettier for the future travelers. 

                               Give Back to the Community, Travel Responsibly!


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