Kumarakom – Entering a Time Warp

Kumarakom – Entering a Time Warp

By Sharmistha Sahoo

It was my second vacation and my husband’s first in Kerala, fondly known as God’s own country, and we wholly agree! Leaving the hustle bustle of Mumbai, we travelled to Kumrakom, Kerala in the month of August. Putting our fast lives on a pause, we entered what seemed like a time warp. The trip began with a boat ride in our house boat along the breathtakingly serene Vembanad Lake.

The lake is dotted by palm trees on both the sides. We saw many houses of the locals by the backwaters. They all had their own boats for commuting from one place to another. So exciting no? Everyday would be like an adventure. Also, there were some schools on both the sides. We could even see children studying in their small classrooms. I would have loved to be in such a school where the lake is your campus! We cruised through the lake and even entered many small canals. And then we broke out into the huge lake out of the backwaters and could see the magnanimity of the Vembanad lake, which by the way is the longest lake in India.

 The entire experience was very humbling. To see local people enjoying their lives in simple activities gave us an perspective and the much needed break from our hectic lives.  After the idyllic backwater ride, we made our way back to our hotel.Next morning, I woke up to the sound of camera clicking, from the attached balcony in our hotel room. My husband was already up, taking in the backwaters view at the crack of the dawn.  I was fully mesmerized by the view of backwaters from our balcony.

I couldn't believe the calmness that the view was eluding. We could just sit there doing nothing but gazing for hours.

After taking in the view as much as we could, we finally bade goodbye to Kumarakom with a promise to return soon as we had left a piece of our heart back there.

Author Bio: The author is a banker by profession, and is always craving to travel. She loves reading, writing, reviewing, photography and ofcourse exploring new places. She is documenting her life stories including her personal, travel and corporate life in her blog 


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  1. Kerala is one place I havent been in India but would dearly love to. So relaxing

    1. It sure is! Do plan a trip sometime soon Andrew! India untravelled has a great trail to take you through it.

  2. beautiful...
    god's own country indeed..


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